Pictures of the Acorn Atom variants

All pictures are approx. 1600x1200, around 350K.

No images of a standard Atom, only variants.

Other variants with more substantial variations to the regular Atom:

All in all the 'Prophet 2' by/for Busicomputers is a useful improvement over the standard Atom. The keyboard differences compared to a standard Atom (e.g. the cursor keys and the 'here' key) probably mean the OS rom is altered for this machine, but I haven't checked yet.

The 'Prophet 2' also makes me ask: Was there a 'Prophet'/'Prophet 1'? And was that based on another computer?

UPDATE 1: Prophet 2 information from H.v.d.Heijden:
"In 'The Hague' this seems to have been sold quite a bit. Many people thought it was great to get an Atom with red keys; 'Cool man!'. The MODE switch may have been used to switch ROMs at say #A000. Apparantly some were sold with Calc-ROM and a word processor ROM (Acornsoft Word pack? Another?)".

Perhaps all of them were supplied with Calc/word pack, but this Prophet 2 wasn't. Maybe these were removed by dealers and sold separately?

UPDATE 2: Prophet 3 information from Steven Fisher
There's another Prophet variant, the Prophet-3 which has a built in disk interface (Acorn's disk card?) and power supply and diskdrive in a 'plinth' type contraption. Keys are differently organized from both the standard Atom and the Prophet 2...

Images by Steven Fisher:

The OS rom of the Prophet 2 is probably a standard one, as in standard mode (mode switch up), the keys behave as on an Atom (arrow down gives '[' etc), and it starts with the message 'ACORN ATOM' (I will make a ROM dump to make sure). With the MODE switch down, the machine also prints 'ACORN ATOM', but then gives an error message, and hangs. The bottom section of the case has 2 pieces of double sided sticky tape, so some expansion has probably been removed by dealers (or Acorn?) before selling it on.

The PL7 internal connector on the Prophet 2 shown above, has remains of soldered in pins in it. So, some expansion card was fitted but was removed (by dealers or perhaps Busicomputers) before selling them.

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