Acorn Atom

1. Atom CRC checking program Calculates the CRC of a 4K section (for e.g. FP ROM, the Basic and OS parts, and utility ROMs). Takes 2 seconds to run instead of 6 minutes or so that the Basic version in the user guide takes.

Example CRCs:
Utility ROMs, located at #A000:
AXR1                            CCEB
AXR1, alternate version         2EB5
PCHARME                         C16B
PCHARME, alternate version      A960
Atom calc                       4B9A
GAGS 2.0E                       4198
EDIT 1.2 (wordpack)             B326
EDIT 1.2, alternate version     B3A5
Watford utility ROM             F545
Disatom                         7049

Standard Acorn ROMs:
FP ROM (#D000)                  AAA1
Basic (#C000)                   D67D
Atom OS (#F000)                 E386
Atom DOS (#E000)                4C45
Atom BBC BASIC board OS         576D

2. Atom RAM test program This tests the RAM in the screen area, and says which 2114 RAM chip is defective (if any). An absent RAM chip will be identified as a defective chip. This is a good way to verify the program works (remove a chip and see what happens). The test method is a bit too simple, but I wasn't in the mood to improve it further.

3. PC program: atomlist 0.2 (C source code with unix Makefile). This program lists Atom Basic programs stored in binary files as the Atom stores them in memory and as saved to tape/disk (similar program to bbclist, but much simpler, output to stdout only).

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