Getting hold of all BBC/general scans (incl. hi-res 300dpi images), pictures and software on CD/DVD from this website:

If you want a DVD with this website + high resolution scans, I will send one including postage to anywhere in Europe, for gbp 7,- (or € 10,-). Banktransfer or Paypal is fine, I will consider other payment options upon request.

Btw, Donations towards the cost of this website (yes, it has cost me fortunes in time and money :) ), are welcome...

picture of DVD with this website

The scans I've made are all downloadable in reduced size (maximum 1600x1200 pixels), but the 300dpi scans, which are useful for OCR'ing or reading very small print, are too big to put on the web, and are available on 4 CDs or a single DVD. This includes all pictures of hardware, the software (including an unzipped BBC ROM archive for direct access) and the web pages themselves.

The current list of files can be found here (1.5 MB text file), or perhaps more useful a list of the directories is here (80KB text file). DVDs are written on high quality Verbatim DVD recordables.

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