BBC computer dual joysticks

Pictures are mostly 1600x1200 pixels / ca. 350 KB.

These are the joysticks sold by Acorn, with the BBC badge. The levers do not automatically return to the centre which is annoying for many game types... Widely criticized for being too ungainly (for 'American hands' I recall from a review ;-) )

I just (June 2006) got my hands again on some old "Which micro? & Software review" magazines, and in the September 1983 issue in the review of the clares joysticks it says "Those of you who have struggled with the Acorn joysticks will know that they must have been designed for American hands.". Hehe, it's good to see my memory wasn't failing me ;) (it's only been some 20 years after all!).


Joysticks and instructions removed from the box:

Note that these joysticks have a 'BBC microcomputer system' sticker.

Here's another pair of Acorn joysticks, this time with the later 'British Broadcasting Corporation microcomputer system' sticker

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