Eprom programmers

1. HCR micron plus 128K:

This can program 2516,2532,2564,2716-27512,27513,27011, at programming voltages 25V/21V/12.5V, fast/slow programming algorithm. Programming is slower than with the Morley V2. Connects via the 1MHz bus. Software is in a utility EPROM (machine code).

2. Morley V2:

This came as an all beige box, which I found rather ugly, so I added the dark brown plastic on top (similar to what Morley itself did in later years) with the arrow pointing where the EPROM notch should go. Can you identify where I got this material from? This is a very fast programmer, that can handle 2764-27256, at 21V/12.5V programming voltages, always uses a fast programming algorithm. Connects via the user port. Software is in a utility EPROM but is actually Basic, so can be used from disk and modified. 27256s are programmed in 2 goes, upper and lower half separately.

A bad point of this programmer, is that when the volume of my BBC micro is set to normal or high (I've put in a potentiometer to set the volume), then a high pitched noise can be heard. Quite irritating.

3. CAsoft (seems home made or small volume (club?)):

This can program 2716-27256, at 25V/21V/12.5V programming voltages, fast/slow programming algorithm. Software is Basic and assembler source code on disk. Connects via the user port. The software does a self test on startup, and can obviously be changed to one's liking. The menu program is not as easy to use as those of the Morley/HCR programmers. What's really nice about this programmer is that it checks for the presence/proper insertion of EPROMs by checking the current drawn...

A friend of mine also has a shadow RAM board labeled CAsoft. We have no idea what the origins are...

I found a disk with the source code for the CAsoft shadow RAM board, maybe that gives some clues but I've not examined it yet :)

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