The new archive:

  Roms : separate, with documentation in tgz or zip format.
 Games : Files in archive format,
         original instructions,
         original artwork in JPEG format,
         GIF screenshot from an emulator (last three items only if  YOU help with this),
       combined in tgz or zip format.

The archive format: $.ELITE : bare file. $.ELITE.inf : text file containing the following: 'FF0E00 FF8023 Locked CRC= XXXX NEXT $.ELITE2'. it may start with a bbc filename eg $.MYGAME which overrides the $.ELITE, i.e. the files may be renamed 'a' and 'a.inf' for example. Locked can be abbreviated to L, NEXT is meant for tape emulation/conversion. Filelength may be included after the exec address but is unnessesary. Hence, in general the info file contains: '[real_name] LOADADDRESS EXECEADDRESS [file-length] ACCESS CRC=XXXX NEXT NAME' The CRC's are calculated with the same algorithm as the cassette/rom filing systems (see BBC user guide p.399) can extract in this format and make diskimages from this format
Disk images will still be kept where relevant:
i=instructions included, G=GIF included, D=diskimage. In square brackets is my rating of a game (0 to 10).
Filenames have the leading $ removed (if it's a root dir file) (in fact, filenames can be changed to whatever you want, see description of the archive format).

Getting started

1. BBC FAQ (zipped) v0.01 Does anyone want to maintain it?

2. FDC v0.10 (Floppy disk reader, for PC's, based on FDCDEMO, instructions included)

3a. File conversion contains

Note: the C++ programs were developed on linux using GCC (now 2.7.x)
Note 2: DOS users must to change 'fopen(...,"r")' to 'fopen(...,"rb");' and ditto for 'fopen(...,"w");' , also: the dir separator "/" must bechanged to "\" for the option -ed to work.

3b. For RISC PC's: BEEBARC.ZIP NEW VERSION 0.03 (By Darren Salt) Splits a (single or double sided) diskimage with correct addresses etc., uses command line options, un-archives archive format files, puts directories into archive format. Includes instructions. (you could also compile bbcim of course)


 Latest additions/replacements:
-exile, pipeline, barrage, emperor, donkey kong jr, star clash, acornsoft reversi, mainline.
NOTE: BASIC programs (generally) run natively on ARM computers.


Archived programs

War games:

Text adventures




ROMS that do not work: Wordwise+ 1.48 (R.S.' page), and some which I got (also now on RS' page) ADI 1.1, ADT 1.72, ACP

The archive files are also available from
old archive (diskimages)
  1. Graphics : GXR rom + computer concepts graphics rom + demo programs for GXR.
  2. gamedisk 4 & 5 (double sided): Boulder crash, Repton 3,Repton 1, 2, Atic attack, Bugeyes II, Labyrinth, alien8, (contraption is incomplete, get the archive format file). (use menu, but not all is in the menu!)
  3. gamedisk 6 : Moon raider, Monsters v2, Codename droid [CHAIN"MENU"].
  4. gamedisk 7 : Arthur, Bumble bee, Darts, Eagle, Starship, Volcano [CHAIN"MENU"].
  5. gamedisk 8 : Two- and single player board games and more: Gomoku, Backgammon, Draughts etc. [CHAIN"MENU"].
  6. gamedisk 9 : Repton3: Around the world in 40 screens, Star Quake, The survivors.
  7. english/french adventure : Learn or practice your french with this WW2 text adventure.
  8. Game disk 10 +11 (double sided) contains: Jet pac, Zany Kong jr., Mine shaft, Positron (again), Star striker, Swag!, Zany kong, Tarzan, Jungle jive, Chopper II (adapted planetoid), Space man Sid, Swarmer's revenge, Shadowfax, Shifter, New blagger, Castle quest, Copter caper, Airlift (again), Manic miner (protection may be cracked press RETURN), Bandits, Eagle (lander game), Jump jet, Karl's cavern, Sinbad. [CHAIN"MENU" or CHAIN"MOOI"]
  9. Game disk 12 : Revs, Castle Ravenskull. (Wouter)

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