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Introduction to what I'm doing with this website

10 years ago: 1996

The introduction above refers to my first BBC micro website, and I thought it would be interesting to put what I still have of the earliest version of those web pages, on the web again.

My first web pages about the BBC micro were put online ca. late 1995, and it was the first website for the BBC micro of the type common today, with a games archive, hints, programs to read/write disks on a PC, how to transfer tape games that have the locked bit set to disc, etc. By the way, the first game I put on my website in 1995 was... Elite!

Here are some later ones with the 'BBC archive'. The software published on my website was mirrored by Robert Schmidt whose website later became "The BBC lives!", and in these later web pages, I referred downloads of the mirrored files to Robert's website as he had plenty of web space, whereas I had just 2MB to play with. Only the newest files were hosted on these pages by ca. late 1996 on.

If you have other versions of these pages (from 1995/1996), please email them to me as I don't have them any more...

My BBC system


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