BBC microcomputer stuff: Intro (2001)

Introduction, written middle of 2001:

A bit of history...

It's been a long time since my last BBC web page, do you remember "Wouter Scholten's BBC B, emulators and classic videogames page" at ?(*)

In 1995 I started the bbc software archive as there were no utilities or software available on the web at that time, especially nothing to transfer files to/from a PC (there were a few files hidden in some ftp archives). I put up a notice of my intention to stop publishing my bbc pages in june 1996, largely because I did not have enough webspace (I did keep a small page with some information until late 1997); I had at that time what now seems a paltry 2 MB available... Robert Schmidt mirrored what I put up, and is doing his best since that time to provide everything for the BBC on what is now known as The BBC lives!). He probably does it better than I would...

It may interest you to know, that until around march 1997 I did not have a PC, and used someone elses PC to make the webpages, read/write diskimages etc., about once a week. This is why answers to mails to me could last up to a week! And why promised website updates could take a few weeks (if a BBC disk could not be read in correctly for example, that would postpone it at least a week). But, this happened the other way round too, so presumably, not many people had internet at home in 1995/1996.

.. and future

I'm not going to put a large archive back up on the net, as others do a good job already, but I will present a few programs I made, then and now, and dicuss various other topics.

*: the actual address when connecting to the server was different at various times, e.g.
due to mucking about by Cistron. You can still see evidence of this from old bookmarks people have placed on the web...

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