Acorn 6502 2nd processor, issue 1 (prototype)

To come: Pictures of a prototype 6502 2nd processor, which came with issue 1 PCB (release versions are issue 4) with fixes to the PCB, early ceramic + gold plated ULA, Tube OS 1.1 (the standard release which was later installed in this prototype) and a loose EPROM with the prototype Tube OS 0.1N... The case is also interesting as it's a generic 2nd processor case. At the rear it says "TUBE PATENT PENDING". Release 2nd processors have the type indicated on the rear (e.g. "6502 SECOND PROCESSOR" or "32016 SECOND PROCESSOR"...

At the moment it doesn't want to work. I will try to get it running but even if it won't work, then it's still interesting!

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