PET and FIT testers for the BBC micro

PET=progressive establishment test system, FIT=final inspection and test system. The FIT system (picture 2) is used to check new BBC micros to see if they are working as they should, the PET system (picture 3, with a speaker on it) is a fault finding system that would be used to discover what exactly is wrong in the micro. See also the picture of the manuals and EPROMs that go along with it, I will make pics of the contents of the manuals and see what the versions of these manuals are, at a later date. I dumped the EPROMs, they can be found here.

Click on the thumbnail images for a big image (1600x1200):
RX100_25135.jpg RX100_25136.jpg RX100_25137.jpg RX100_25138.jpg RX100_25139.jpg RX100_25140.jpg RX100_25141.jpg RX100_25143.jpg RX100_25144.jpg RX100_25145.jpg