Wouter's BBC micro pages: BBC micro: links

I'm not trying to be complete, I just list some useful websites.

  1. The BBC lives! [ software, documentation ]
  2. BBC Micro and Electron games - The stairway to Hell [ Tape files, tape and disk covers of the actual games ]
  3. The BBC games archive [ Tries to list and review all the known games... ]
  4. www.sprow.co.uk [ Second hand BBC hardware, and very impressive new BBC hardware, available ready built or to DIY ]
  5. http://www.cdewhurst2010.btinternet.co.uk/bbc/index.htm [ BBC books in html, pdf and more formats. The pdf's are very impressive! ]
  6. BBC documentation project [ Scanned and/or OCR'ed documentation. Some useless due to being in some weirdo doc format :) Seems to be offline for quite a while now... ]

There was an 8 bit emulator mailing list, and a BBC micro mailing list still exists, but I don't recommend the latter any more due to the low signal to noise ratio (perhaps the archives are of use). It's got so bad with moronic posts there in 2006 that I unsubscribed. On watching Blake's 7 again I noticed a comment by Avon which perfectly describes the situation there. I could have posted a message with exactly his words: "Staying with you requires a degree of stupidity of which I no longer feel capable..."

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