Playing Acornsoft Planetoid in 2017: Tactics

Tactics now are the same as when I played in 1995-1996, but I will make small changes and I have made 1 change that I think works out well, but more on that later. All the little details make a huge difference and it's hard to write all that down, takes time and realising what is important will take time to analyse. When you play it just gets applied...

Note that I don't read tactics by others, I try to figure it out myself, this is part ot the fun of playing and trying to get a higher score, it's not just an action game, but it's about developing tactics, you need to analyse how to improve! So I recommend not reading my tactics, but if you want to know more, here is what I do:

For now see, I have rewritten it and will add a bit more to it, which I will put on this page soon.

Tactics organised

Here is just a little bit of my reorganised text, more to come:

The swarmers overtaking you, as I remembered (as mentioned in an earlier post on somewhere at 700k+ this can be used to ride the wave and shoot them from behind. The swarmers will keep going in the same direction as you as long as you don't let them get too far ahead, and they won't shoot at you except when they head towards you... What you do is this: Go towards them, then evade their bullets and let them overtake you then you reverse and follow them at the right distance, and shoot all of them. This method to eliminate them can be done at lower scores (and thus game speed) too but then you carefully need to regulate your speed. so I prefer other methods (normally just shoot+evade bullets+turnaround and repeat until they are wiped out) although for 350k-700k perhaps I should do this too but most problematic are the baiters and finding the balance of shooting (which takes time) and using smart bombs (and how to use those most effectively) is clearly the key to even higher scores (900k and more)