WHS' scan processing programs

1. Contrast-quantize 0.2: a non-linear contrast enhancing program. Used up to now in almost all black & white (or rather: black + 1 colour) scans currently on this website.

2. Contrast-quantize 0.8: a linear contrast enhancing program with edge calculations, edge-of-scan is taken into account too and image intensity can be kept the same as in the original (rescaling the intensities). Also works only for black + 1 colour.


Note: All these images were all reduced in size to fit on a 1600x1200 screen. The scans were done at 300dpi unless otherwise noted, and enhancements were made to that original image, then also reduced in size (no enhancements using the results of another enhanced image, so a V0.8 enhanced image did not use previously enhanced images for example).

An interesting effect of version 0.8 is that it removes almost all traces of ghost images... This is due to its limitation of not handling real gray surfaces. This does not mean using a black background is no longer useful as edge pixels are still affected (although the extra contrast from the reflected light might actually improve the final result. I'll have to do some experiments).

For multi-colour images I'm working on another program...

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