Acorn BBC micro, highscores

Quite often I read that people say they are too old to play computer game or that their ability decreased and that they are getting too slow. Often people already say this when they are 30 or 40. But when does it really happen? I think in reality people just aren't interested any more to play a game obsessively as is needed to get to some of the known high scores. It wouldn't surprise me if actual ability doesn't degrade until you are perhaps 70 or so. Perhaps even older, a lot depends on your mental agility. But I understand the feeling in that I feel with some games that I just cannot be bothered to play pixel perfect games any more... It's not that I can't, I just don't want to, they are annoying and thus I don't do effort and don't get high scores. I presume for many people the fun just isn't there in the same way as it was long ago...

This year I tried some games and found that I'm at least as good now as in 1996, with some big score improvements with some games, a big improvement with one of my favourite games, i.e. Planetoid, and getting really close to my high scores with some other games such as Meteors.

Below you will find some information on achieved high scores, and some analysis on whether scores are real or not, or at least not made on a BBC micro (but instead on the slower Electron), and using the BBC micro version of the game (see further on Meteors, where running the Electron version on the BBC micro gives a big advantage of slower bullets by the UFOs).

Where I got high score lists: the web, old magazines, and my own scores

I collected highscores from some magazines and websites and I discuss some scores of some games that interest me, esp. on whether they are real and possibly made on a (slower) Electron rather than BBC micro.

I collected the highscores listed further, and some related information, from:

  1. My own scores.
  2. Old hi-scores in magazines. Here are some useful links:
  3. Hi-scores on the web: (no longer updated since 2009) (high score competitions)

Are there high scores in other magazines?

I will perhaps go through a few other magazines than Acorn user/Micro user/Beebug, to see if they list high scores.
Any suggestions? Better would be references of which issues contain score lists, and better still would be scans/pictures of such pages!

Score lists

Are the listed scores real? And really made on a BBC micro (not Acorn Electron!)?

I will discuss here the scores of some games that interest me on how likely it is that the scores are real, and/or whether some scores were likely done on an Acorn Electron or even an Electron version on a BBC micro.

To know if a score is real is difficult, as there could be tactics that will give a higher score. Developing tactics is essential for some games, such as Planetoid (a.k.a. Defender). For games such as Fortress, the only thing required is practice and learning the course by heart. The score is clearly limited by fuel running out faster on each trip through the course.

In general to see about playing speed differences, the question is: do BBC games on the BBC run the same as Electron versions of that game on the Electron? E.g. Arcadians (BBC) and Arcadians (Electron), do they have different playing speed or other differences?

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